The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) is the leading housing and community development advocate for the provision of adequate and affordable housing and strong, viable communities for all Americans - particularly those with low and moderate incomes. Our members administer HUD programs such as Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, CDBG and HOME.

Our Mission

The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) is a professional membership organization comprised of approximately 20,000 housing and community development agencies and officials throughout the United States who administer a variety of affordable housing community development programs at the local level.

NAHRO's mission is to create affordable housing and safe, viable communities that enhance the quality of life for all Americans, especially those of low- and moderate-income, by:  

  • Ensuring that housing and community development professionals have the leadership skills, education, information and tools to serve communities in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Advocating for appropriate laws and policies which are sensitive to the needs of people served, are financial and programmatically viable for our industry, are flexible, promote deregulation and local decision making; and
  • Fostering the highest standards of ethical behavior, service and accountability.

NAHRO enhances the professional development and effectiveness of its members through its comprehensive professional development curriculum, conferences, and publications. Through these efforts we are working to equip NAHRO and our membership with the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to survive and prosper in a changing environment, and make our Association more efficient and effective.

Arizona NAHRO By-laws

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